Cordova Recreation and Park District was formed in 1958 to provide parks and recreation services to the residents of the Rancho Cordova area. The functions of the District were to develop and monitor the budget, carry out the policies of the Board, and oversee the daily operations of the District. A resolution was adopted in the fall of 1959 annexing additional territory in accordance with boundary recommendations of the County. The annexation was accomplished in December of 1959. On July 25, 1960, by virtue of a Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Sacramento County, the name of the Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District was officially changed to “Cordova Recreation and Park District”. On March 21, 1961, the Board of Directors passed a Resolution adopting the first official Master Plan of the District, for the purpose of acquiring and developing needed parks, and to provide recreation opportunities for all ages.

The voters of the Cordova area expressed their desire and need for more parks by approving the sale of general obligation bonds in the amount of $2,320,000 at a special election held in May, 1961. Since that time, some of the noteworthy developments have been the annexation of Larchmont Riviera and Rosemont communities into the District in 1970; the District’s borrowing of $400,000 in 1972 to acquire and improve the Camellia City Golf Course (later renamed Cordova Golf Course); the development of the Cordova Public Shooting Center; the construction in 1987 of the Senior Citizens Center at Lincoln Village Community Park utilizing $300,000 grant from the State’s Senior Center Bond Act and $350,000 in District matching funds; and the transfer of the 29.5 acre Mather Sports Center from the National Park Service in 1994 as part of the Mather Air Force Base closure process.

CRPD is an independent district, and excepting for some support services provided by Sacramento County such as accounting and tax collection, the remainder of the District operation is undertaken as an independent public agency governed by an elected Board of Directors.

CRPD District Boundaries


A portion of Highway 50 from Prairie City Road to Nimbus Dam; then following the American River to the Watt Avenue Bridge.


Fruitridge Road and its extension to Bradshaw Road; then south to Morrison Creek to the southerly boundary of the Rancho Arroyo Sports Center; then north to Jackson Highway; following Jackson Highway east to Grant Line Road.


Grant Line Road and Prairie City Road on the east to Highway 50.


Sacramento City Limits to Fruitridge Road.