Capital Projects

Planning Division-Capital Improvement Project Updates

Heron Landing Park 

(03-02-16) On January 21st the District received 5 bids for the Heron Landing Community Park Project. On February 17, 2016 the Board of Directors approved a contract with lowest responsive, responsible bidder, Olympic Land Construction, to build Heron Landing Park. Work is anticipated to begin in April. The District is working to organize a groundbreaking ceremony in April. The date has not yet been set. We look forward to beginning construction of this great new community amenity! If you have any questions about this project please call Project Manager, Cristina James (916) 842-3312.

(10-19-15) The 100% (Final) submittal for the Heron Landing Community Park construction documents was sent to all reviewing agencies last week. The District will be going before the Board at their November meeting for approval to issue the Bid Notice to Contractors on November 19th. The District anticipates awarding a construction contract in December/January with construction beginning on the park site in February (pending weather conditions). 

(04-27-15) CRPD is starting the submittal process to the City for plan approvals for Phase One of the park site. Phase One includes development of the park site including fields, parking lot, landscaping, sport courts, play equipment and splash pad. The future community building will be Phase Two. Start of construction of the community building is likely to lag several years while park development funding from new housing accrues and/or supplemental funding sources are secured. In the meantime CRPD continues to work with the architect on future building plans. Pending City permit approval, we expect the construction of the base park to start in late Fall of 2015 and will take a year to complete. 

(07-29-14) The final concept plan for Heron Landing Park was accepted and approved by the Board of Directors at their December 2013 meeting.  Below is a link to view the final approved park concept master plan:

Heron Landing Park Approved Concept Master Plan

The construction document and permitting process is expected to be complete by early 2015.  Construction on the park is expected to begin in Spring 2015 and will be complete by the Summer of 2016.  The District will continue to provide website updates throughout the park development process.

If you have questions about any of our current developments and projects, please contact Park Planning and Development Manager, Laura Taylor or Park Planner, Cristina James in the Park Planning and Development Department.

Cordova Community Pool Repair Efforts

(03-03-16) At the February 17, 2016 CRPD Board of Directors meeting, City Officials requested the District delay consideration of the award of a design-build contract to Tricon Construction for the renovation of the Cordova Community Pool. The City Mayor and City Manager requested the District work with the City to start a visioning process for the pool renovation. A letter provided by Mayor Sanders and City Manager Abhar at the Board meeting stated that if the Board chose to move forward with authorizing the design-build agreement the City would withdraw their funding offer. Following the distribution of the City’s letter at the Board meeting there was a discussion about the process to come to an agreement between the two agencies on the terms of the City’s $3 million funding offer. The negotiations will occur in agendized meetings open to the public. The City indicated the formal agreement could be accomplished within a month. The District followed up by sending a letter on February 25 to the City Manager outlining the proposed process as discussed at the February 17 Board meeting and a follow up discussion at a February 23 Board meeting. The process to come to an agreement is expected to be completed by the end of March. In the event the agencies are not able to come to an agreement, the Board may consider award of the design-build contract to Tricon Construction if the contractor is willing to honor the bid as submitted in October 2015. Continuation of the process to renovate the pool will be discussed at future Board meetings and will be publicly noticed.

(04/27/15) The District applied for a Land Water Conservation Fund Grant in February 2015. State Parks is still reviewing applications and expects to notify applicants in early summer. In the meantime, District staff is researching and pursuing other project funding options, including the City of Rancho Cordova’s Measure H grant program. The restoration of this valuable resource, the Cordova Community Pool, continues to be a District priority.

(11-19-14) In February 2014 District staff retained an aquatic consultant to identify existing problems, potential solutions, and realistic costs for the renovation of the aquatic center at Hagan Community Park. Some funding has been identified for this project, but more is needed to perform the work required. In late summer staff began the process to apply to the Land Water Conservation Fund Program for additional funding. A community meeting was held on November 18, 2014 to continue public outreach efforts for this project. Please click here to view the presentation from this meeting and learn more about the proposed project.