Rent a Field

Requesting a reservation

Completed reservation forms must be received at the Mather Sports Center, 3755 Schriever Avenue, Mather, CA 95655. For more information or to request a reservation, contact the Mather Sports Center at (916) 362-1704.

Renters must provide Certificate of Liability Insurance at the time of reservation naming Cordova Recreation and Park District as additional insured, with Endorsement of Additional Insured. Value of the insurance must be $1 million minimum. In this case all softball teams/groups participating during the period of reservation must submit proof of insurance. Fees or deposit (for tournaments) are required at the time of reservation. Reservations are for fields as is. Even though fields are maintained routinely, the condition of any field at the time of reservation is dependent upon prior scheduled and unscheduled play. Special field prep, prior to their reservation, is available to renters at $50 per hour, two hour minimum.


NO food or nonalcoholic beverages may be sold by renters.


Rained-out reservations may be rescheduled or fees credited or refunded at the discretion of the renter.

Failure to abide by the Reservation policy will result in forfeiture of all deposits and prepaid fees and denial of future reservation privileges.

Renter Responsibilities

  • Renters will clean-up after their use and deposit trash in approved receptacles.
  • Driving or parking on turf areas will not be allowed.
  • The use of public address systems must be approved by District staff.
  • Behavior by all participants will be monitored by the renter and corrective action taken as necessary to insure that no aggravation to area residents occurs. Renter will be especially vigilant regarding possible problems with parking and vehicle operation, abusive behavior, and littering.
  • Renters are liable for any damage to District facilities or equipment occurring during their period of use.