Budget & Financial Information

The budget and financial analysis identifies existing available funds to support the capital program and presents trends with current operations and funding. It is an in-depth review of the revenues, expenditures, and capital funds of the District and includes the budgets of the General Fund, the Special Revenue Funds, and the Enterprise Fund.

The goals for 2014-2015 include budget clarity, analyzing cost recovery by activity to present expenditure recovery through fees and charges and evaluation of trends to determine financial integrity and anticipate the direction of the district in the future. The budget and analysis are the District's guide and road-map for financial planning decisions.

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CRPD Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget Committee and Budget Preparation

CRPD 2014-2015 Final Budget Narrative

CRPD Reserve Study Summary

Recently, the District contracted with the Browning Group to perform a comprehensive Reserve Study.  This report includes nine distinct areas:  General Fund (Facilities), Cordova Golf Course, and seven assessment zones (PMRID Community Parks, Gold River, Independence at Mather, Rancho Cordova, Rosemont/Larchmont/Riveria East, Sunridge, and Villages of Zinfandel).   The study helps to understand all the assets within the District, the associated future expenses, when the life cycle has expired, and how much each asset will cost down the road.  Items assessed included buildings, vehicles, playgrounds, pathways, benches, signage, etc.  The study provides information in three main reports:  Expense – forecasting 30 years of repairs, maintenance and replacement costs; Reserve Funding – determining how much to be saved each year; and finally, Component Listing – a detailed report providing asset information including - cost, life, physical measurements, current status and a picture.This study is instrumental in helping us prepare for the future. You can find them in an easily viewed summary format here on our website. Contact the District office if you wish to review the report in its entirety.

-Matt Goodell, Finance Manager

CRPD Financial Audits