Mission, Vision & District Goals



Create and maintain excellent leisure facilities and recreation programs that inspire and illuminate the human spirit.


Provide recreation and parks experiences that are a source of pride for our residents, staff, and Board of Directors.

  • Produce quality publications and presentations that inform and motivate the public to participate in District programs and utilize facilities.
  • Survey the community periodically to determine the changing needs of the community.
  • Reexamine the mix of recreation programs being offered by the District periodically and eliminate unpopular programs or those that are not cost effective.
  • Annually solicit new program ideas and instructors from the community.

Create a work environment where employees, volunteers, and contractors enjoy working and exhibit friendly, responsive, and professional service to the public.

  • Train all district employees each two years about how to interact with coworkers, how to make the workplace more enjoyable while also being productive, and how to be an exceptional customer service representative for the district.
  • Conduct sensitivity training of all district employees each two years about cultural, gender, and age differences and needs, and ways to improve public service.
  • Annually or more often recognize staff who exhibit outstanding qualities of friendly, responsive and professional service.

Provide well-maintained park and recreation facilities that meet or exceed the district performance standard.

  • Clean restrooms daily, and perform park safety check on a weekly basis.
  • All maintenance issues that cannot be corrected within 24 hours will be reported to the appropriate supervisor who will plan and schedule to correct the problem in a timely fashion.
  • Every park facility will be evaluated monthly using a Park and Playground Maintenance Checklist.
  • Annually assess each park facility for needed upgrade and prepare budget request for annual budget consideration.

Provide fun, wholesome, healthy, fulfilling leisure programs based on community needs for all age groups.

  • Have program participants define their program expectations at the start of the program.
  • Have program participants evaluated programs midway and at the conclusion of the session.
  • Have staff monitor the midway and end of session program evaluations and counsel instructors on possible ways to improve or change the program to meet participant expectations.
  • Annually evaluate programs and instructors.

Insure the efficient use of District funds and resource to provide quality programs and services.

  • Develop means to assess the true cost of all programs and services.
  • Develop a methodology to evaluate programs and services to assess their input and output efficiency, and apply the evaluation method on all programs and services.
  • Every two years assess how the District is providing its programs and services and evaluate possible alternative means of providing the programs or services that may be less costly or more efficient.
  • Every two years assess the technology being used by the District and budget for necessary upgrades to increase efficiency.


Annual District Goals

Every year, the management staff meet with the Board of Directors in a day-long work session to develop annual goals and long term plans for the district. Listed below are the goals for 2014-2015 fiscal year.

1. Marketing and Communication

  • Increase transparency
  • Create writing and graphics standards
  • Branding: Define CRPD internally and externally
  • Create Board study sessions (workshops)

2. Financing Development and Infrastructure

  •  Grants
  •  Increase Partnership/Sponsorship opportunities
  •  Software/Hardware updates and upgrades
  •  Increased connectivity throughout District

3.Customer Service & Programming

  • Communication: Internal and External
  •  Staff Development
  •  Board Development

4.Continued review and update of policies and procedures

  • Finance
  •  Board of Directors
  •  Operations
  •  Human Resource
  •  Communications & Social Media
  •  Planning & Development Standards
  •  Creation of finalized manual


  • Seek higher involvement with HOAs and community organizations
  • Work with ALL school districts, not just FCUSD and SJUSD
  • Strengthen relationship with Sacramento County
  • Attend more community and business functions
  • Professional representation in each of our fields (Administrative, Recreation, Park Services)