Plans and Projects

The Park Planning Process

The planning of a park is a long and detailed process that can span multiple years because it involves not only the Park District, but home builders, construction crews, City/County agencies and neighbors like you. We make every effort to build quality parks that meet the needs and wants of each community. Listed below are current projects and updates as they become available.

Parks and Projects in the Works

Sunridge Community Park
Heron Landing Park (formerly known as Anatolia Park "A")

Planning & Construction Updates

Sunridge Community Park

Construction update (12-05-13): O'Dell Engineering posted photos to their Facebook page of progress on the construction of the park. You can check them out here.

Sunridge Master Plan - Neighbors have asked that a plan of the park be posted to the website. The overall park rendering is a concept plan that was prepared prior to refining the final design. We do not have an easy-to-read rendering of the final design. For the final design we only have detailed construction documents that are difficult for the lay person to interpret. For this reason we are not posting the construction documents to the website. The previous concept plan being posted is similar to the park being constructed; the play area is in a the same location but in a different configuration and the basketball court has been moved to the south.

Sunridge Playground Renderings - Renderings of the Sunridge Park play structure were provided by the play structure manufacturer. There will be additional individual play pieces within the play area that are not shown on the renderings. The play area was designed to be all-inclusive for children with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities. There is also a “seek and find” play area with natural elements encircling the western side of the play bay that contains the play structure. This “seek and find” area is not shown on the Master Plan concept or in the play structure renderings.

Heron Landing Park (formerly known as Anatolia Park "A")

Board of Directors Action update (12/18/13): The final concept plan for this Community Park was accepted and approved by the Board of Directors at the monthly meeting on 12/18/13. An additional action item by the Board was the naming of the park. Keeping with the theme of nature in CRPD park names in the Anatolia area, the Board of Directors approved "Heron Landing Park" as the new name. 

Planning update (11-19-13): The final concept plan for this Community Park was presented at a community meeting on Wednesday, November 13 at 6:30 pm at the Rancho Cordova City Hall, American River North room.

Conceptual Plans for Park "A" have been finalized and were presented at a Community Meeting on November 13. The documents below are the finalized version. Each file is the same plan, the difference is the trees are shown on one while the other is shown without trees for better visual understanding of pathway systems, covered picnic areas and individual picnic areas.

Anatolia Park "A" Concept with trees

Anatolia Park "A" Concept without trees

For information about Dog Park plans at an alternate park development at Montelena please click here. For the Anatolia Community Park "A" development there are no plans to have a dog park. 

If you have questions about any of our current developments and projects, please contact Park Planning and Development Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Park Planner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the Park Planning and Development Department.